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....more still on what they are raving about

Hello Gorilla Gram!!

How are you doing?

I just wanted to say thank you so much for surprising, singing, dancing and bringing joy to me last Thursday! I was stressed from many exams, family crisis and I needed something that fun! I loved it sooooo much!
I really appreciate what singing telegrams do, and hope you give joyful surprises to many many more people!!

I would love it if you can send me the pictures, would you?  Cynthia

P.S. hehe I'm so sorry I ran away with your camera! I can be very crazy at times....

Hi Bernadette,
Shawn really liked the gorilla. I was hoping to embarrass him but he thought it was sweet instead. Next year we will have to work together to make it even better than the terrific one this year.

Thanks Again - Sheryl